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Carolyn Smith

Homeopath & Bowen Therapist

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"Homeopathy is one of the few medical specialties which carries no penalties -- only benefits." Yehudi Menuhin

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Bowen Therapy

Gentle muscle stimulation suitable for all ages.

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Travelling with Homeopathy

travel signpost and destinations crop resizedTravelling – either around Australia or overseas – can be a wonderful experience. Having your own homeopathic first aid kit can alleviate some of those annoying and often debilitating bouts of illness and accidents. Think of jet lag, bruising, diarrhoea, constipation, headaches, insect bites and stings, stubbed toes, hayfever, etc, etc.

Consider participating in one of my FREE Homeopathic First Aid Workshops before you go and learn when you can treat yourself and when you need to go to hospital.

Prior to leaving Australia, you will have to consider the issues of disease prevention, either by conventional vaccination or homeopathic prophylaxis. Refer to my page on Homeoprophylaxis for more information.  Travel to some areas of the globe require conventional vaccination, either as a condition of entering that country or as a condition of returning to Australia.  Please gather this information and contact me prior to vaccination if you wish to know more about the homeopathic protocols for helping with possible side effects. Refer to my page on Prevention … Protection … Unplanned consequences 

I will customise your homeopathic first aid kit to include the remedies most suited to you, your susceptibility to particular ailments in conjunction with where you’re intending to travel and the activities in which you’re likely to be participating. I also include a brief materia medica – symptom list – of each remedy.

Prior to consulting me, please research where you will be travelling and the illnesses common to that area and those prevailing at your time of travel.  If possible get local advice as well as advice from government and medical agencies and your travel insurer.   I cannot take responsibility for this type of information due to it’s everchanging status.

Homeopathic medicines are used extensively around the world. Your medicines will be supplied in pillule form to avoid any problems with security personnel. These are easily transformed into liquids if needed and your kit contains instructions on how to do this.

Whilst most customs officials are knowledgeable about homeopathic remedies, don’t run the risk of losing your precious remedies to the one who does not. My kit comes with a letter detailing which remedies you are carrying and that they are prescribed by a registered practitioner.

After that, it’s BON VOYAGE & ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!!

What is Homeopathy?

What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is a specialist natural therapy which uses infintessimally minute natural substances to influence and stimulate the body’s own healing systems to heal appropriately. The word “homeopathy” […]

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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a unique therapy in the field of bodywork. Its relatively few, gentle “moves” over muscle and other soft tissue address the whole body, stimulating it to reset […]

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Homeopathy can be utilised in numerous life situations. First Aid –  Hitting thumb with a hammer;  bee sting;  sporting bumps & bruises;  hangovers;  scraped knees;  the list goes on. read […]

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Clinic & Contact

  Carolyn Smith Essential Homeopathics ABN 76 360 671 836 Clinic: Shop 5, Kift St, Deagon. Qld. 4017 Mobile: 0414 421 675 Qualifications: Advanced Diploma Homeopathy Certificate Bowen Therapy Certified […]

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About Me

I am a mature age person with a wide variety of life experiences. These greatly enhance my naturally compassionate and fair nature with my ability to truly help my patients. […]

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