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Carolyn Smith

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"Homeopathy is one of the few medical specialties which carries no penalties -- only benefits." Yehudi Menuhin

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Bowen Therapy

Gentle muscle stimulation suitable for all ages.

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Animals & Homeopathy


Homeopathy is not just useful for human conditions.  Animals respond very well to homeopathic medicines as well.  Domestic animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, tortoises, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs;  as well as farm animals – cattle, sheep, pigs, horses – are treated homeopathically right around the world.  The lack of toxic residues and side effects means that farm herds are healthier and produce is not wasted while waiting for the residues of conventional medicines to clear.

One of the arguments regarding the efficacy of homeopathy is that it is dependent upon the psychology of the patient, ie the placebo effect – if you believe it will work, it will work  or mind over matter, etc. Treating animals shows that this cannot be true.  Animals cannot assist us by telling us what is wrong or how it feels.  Observation of signs by both the health care provider and the owner are all our animals can depend upon.  Owners will of course know their beloved animal’s temperament and habits and will be able to notice the differences when it becomes unwell.  Things like whether it has a preference for warmth or cold, is drinking a lot more or less, reacts in a distinctive way around strangers or other animals – these are as important to the homeopathic practitioner as they are for humans. Just as homeopathy treats the whole person, so too must we attempt to treat the whole animal.

Whilst I have treated a few animals very successfully in a first-aid sense, I do not have any great experience with them. The most significant one was a very small poodle who either took epileptic seizures or had a taste for cane toad poison. (Apparently it is quite addictive to dogs, not to mention extremely poisonous.)  It was very frightening to be sitting on the kitchen floor with this tiny little black being frothing at the mouth and arching her back stiffly backwards and looking into her wide staring eyes and seeing “no-one home”.  Luckily homeopathy only has to make contact with the mucous membranes or even the skin to take effect. Trying to drop medication from a teaspoon into her mouth was a challenge. Thankfully though, it worked. I know it was the homeopathic medicine which worked, because it worked 3 times over her lifetime. Sadly, she is no longer with us, but my family and I will always remember her – as the cute, loving and cheeky little dog with a personality many times bigger than her physical size – and the homeopathic lessons she taught me.

As with treating human family members, if signs persist or you have any worries at all, please contact your homeopath or other chosen health care provider.  In cases of emergency, hospitals for humans and veterinary hospital/practitioner for animals is a must.


Below are some web-links which will give you some indication of the efficacy of homeopathic remedies when treating our animal friends. Take a look and be amazed.

What is Homeopathy?

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Bowen Therapy

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Homeopathy can be utilised in numerous life situations. First Aid –  Hitting thumb with a hammer;  bee sting;  sporting bumps & bruises;  hangovers;  scraped knees;  the list goes on. read […]

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Clinic & Contact

  Carolyn Smith Essential Homeopathics ABN 76 360 671 836 Clinic: Shop 5, Kift St, Deagon. Qld. 4017 Mobile: 0414 421 675 Qualifications: Advanced Diploma Homeopathy Certificate Bowen Therapy Certified […]

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About Me

I am a mature age person with a wide variety of life experiences. These greatly enhance my naturally compassionate and fair nature with my ability to truly help my patients. […]

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